Quit Resisting Life, Learn to Love It!

The sooner that we quit resisting what is happening in our lives, the sooner we will find peace. If it is happening, it Has To! If something appears as a bad thing, instead of fighting it, ACCEPT IT as if you had chosen it and find the hidden good, it is always there. Be Grateful and write down things you DO have and are thankful for. Do something kind for another person expecting nothing in return. When followers of Neem Karoli Baba asked him ‘How does one find God?’, he answered ‘Serve Others’. When they asked ‘How does one find enlightenment?’, he replied ‘Feed Others’. What are you doing today to Serve Others, to Feed Others? Learn to let life happen, it’s going to anyway and the sooner you change the way you look at things, the things you look at will change! #Serve #Feed #Laugh #Love

Let’s Make This Week Better

Our world is hurting.  Our tv’s, phones, social media feeds are consumed with the worst shit possible.  The flu is out of control, guns and school shootings-hell any killings are horrible.  Let’s be honest, our world is hurting!

This is a new week.  This is our chance to do our part.  We can not wait on a government, a religion, anything outside of ourselves.  We have to be the change that we want to see in the world!

Begin this week knowing everyone else hurts, is scared, is fighting some battle.  You cannot fix anyone else’s problems, I get it, you got plenty of your own.

One of my favorite teachers, and one hell of a Human, Wavy Gravy said it best: “When the knit is slamming into the grit, and you are sinking…. and you reach down and help someone who is SINKING WORSE THAN YOU ARE… and Everyone gets high, and you don’t even need LSD to do that”.

We all have problems.  We all are facing shit, if you are reading this you are included in this.  So, will you spend your week focused on your problems, what is missing in your life?  Or will you reach down and help someone sinking worse than you?

Give extra compliments you normally would not.  Give extra smiles.  Just GIVE more of you this week than you normally would.  Change someone else’s day, expecting nothing in return.  You will see how your week gets better as you help spread love and happiness to others.

Just do something more than you would normally, gotta start somewhere!